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We understand the importance of identifying hazards, so we are equipped with technology to keep your management in touch with your worksite. Using our Safety Management System, you can log online and see information from the field to correct hazards or trends that need attention.

Your Dashboard, lets you see supervisor, jobsite and subcontractors performance from the safest to least safest. Our Safety Management System keeps track of training for Confined Space, Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, Flagger, Forklift, GHS, OSHA 10 or 30 Hour to name a few. Your Dashboard also includes OSHA Audit records and Accidents reports.

We can assist your company in obtaining the best workplace safety & health environment. Our approach to safety can be customized for your company to achieve your goals to make safety a priority. ESC can be contracted to stay on a project full time or can be contracted to perform regular scheduled inspections, training and more.

Three workers were killed when a stairwell collapsed. The fire department said one injured worker was taken to a hospital and was listed in stable condition. Firefighters were waiting for engineers to confirm the building was stable. It could be several days before their bodies are recovered. Anytime there's a primary collapse, our concern is a second collapse. That's why we're not permitting any other rescuers until we can confirm the stability of the structure.

They were tapping into the sewer line to connect it into one of the parcels for one of the homes, and unfortunately, that's when the collapse happened. Two workers were buried in the trench, which was about 8 feet deep. Their fellow workers tried to rescue the men, but couldn't get to them. Unfortunately there was just too much dirt. Crews are working to recover the bodies, but it could take hours.

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