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Safety Management System (SMS)

ESC Safety Consultants has designed a custom web-based Safety Management System, so that contractors can have real time reporting from the field. Log online using a desktop, tablet or smartphone and discover what we can do for you. Below is just a small sample of the features available through our Safety Management System (SMS). You can see inspections, training classes, OSHA audits, accident investigations and more. Contact us and a ESC representative would be glad to demonstrate our software.

The main dashboard quickly lets you select safety performance over a week, a month, 90 days, 6 months or a year. The dashboard lets you see the amount of inspections over a time period, what was the average inspection score, how many items failed inspections and who was the best supervisor or the best project. It also ranks Supervisors or Projects by average score.

Your dashboard lets you see which subcontractors were cited (failed inspection items) the most. You can also see what inspections items were the most cited. You can determine whether trends are developing that need attention.

You can see your inspections sorted by date order. Quickly locate an inspection by a supervisor, location, city, date or inspector. In addition to above text, when an inspection is clicked, you see which inspection items passed or failed, which subcontractors performed best and which subcontractors were cited along with descriptions and recommedations.

You can see your training classes sorted by date order. Quickly locate any training by a class name, inspector, location or date. In addition to above text, when a training class is clicked, you see a sign-in roster of who attended the class. Please visit OSHA Training to see a list of classes we track in the SMS.
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