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OSHA Safety Services

  ESC Safety Consultants assists general contractors to implement effective subcontractor safety management programs. We assist subcontractors including: sitework, utility, concrete, steel erectors, masonry, glass/glazier, roofing, plumbing, mechanical, drywall, painting, flooring, carpentry, and electrical contactors. We service manufacturers: automobile, lumber, metal, fabrication, and transportation. We also provide services to warehouse operations and retail stores. We work with insurance agencies to provide risk management. We assist companies with DOT to ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. We provide the best safety program by working together as a team, providing both manpower and experience.

We inspect company locations using OSHA regulations as the guidelines for safety violations. Information is entered into our Safety Management System. Performing routine comprehensive site safety assessments and implementing corrective measures will greatly decrease losses from worker injuries and associated costs including lawsuits. In addition, it will ensure your company is compliant with governmental laws.
Items on our inspection report either pass or fail inspection. We then assign a grade using a point system that is weighted so that inspections items with the greatest potential hazard get more attention. Information is available from our Safety Management System. Each inspection is entered into our cloud software to include the supervisor, jobsite or subcontractor responsible, enabling us to list each from the safest to the most cited.
We review your company's existing written safety programs or write any new safety program required by OSHA. Whether an entire company safety program or a job specific Fall Protection Plan, Confined Space Entry Plan or Globally Harmonized System Program, we can write most safety programs your company may need.
We train CPR & First Aid, Trenching & Excavation, Electrical Safety, Lockout/Tagout, Fall Protection, Forklifts, Aerial or Scissor Lifts, Confined Space, Steel Erection, Rigging Techniques, Crane Awareness, Scaffold Safety, HazCom w/GHS, Work Zone Safety, Flagger Control, HazMat, MSHA, OSHA and HAZWOPER. Information is entered into our Safety Management System.
We track training for your company. Using employee names and numbers from your company's payroll, ESC inputs training classes into our Safety Management System, which is available through our online dashboard.
SAFETY MEETINGS - English or Spanish
We conduct safety meetings to reinforce simple safety procedures on a regular basis at your home office or on the job site. We use one of our training publications, safety videos or digital training programs. All employees sign a training roster which documents what training was discussed. Information is entered into our Safety Management System.
DOT Compliance & Training
Each year businesses lose thousands of dollars in fines due to non compliance with DOT, State and Federal regulations. ESC Consultants steps in to assure that your company meets government guidelines. We bring companies up to compliance and strive to keep them there. Our Department of Transportation consultants have over 20 years of experience in the trucking industry.
We investigate any serious accident immediately. We take pictures and prepare a report discussing our findings. In addition, our artist will recreate the accident and his drawings will be sent to the company's office at the conclusion. We analyze the accident and train your employees as to what can be done to prevent the accident in the future. Information is entered into our Safety Management System.
Our Consultants are always on notice to proceed directly to where OSHA is conducting a surprise inspection. Our role is to assist your personnel and help mitigate any situation that may result in an expensive fine. We also attend any informal OSHA conferences regarding their inspection. Information is entered into our Safety Management System.
We are licensed to inspect fire extinguishers and retag those extinguishers needing the annual inspection tag. OSHA will fine a company up to $100.00 per extinguisher if it is found without a tag. We eliminate this problem for your company during our regular site inspection.
ESC will provide the initial safety programs, forms, and submissions required by IS Networld in order to reach a passing grade score. After receiving a passing grade with IS Networld, ESC will provide monthly maintenance, and upkeep of your IS Networld account; including providing additional training and programs requested by your IS Networld clients.
OSHA requires certain paperwork to be posted for the employees in a conspicuous place. Emergency Phone Numbers, OSHA Posters, and Right To Work Posters have to be available to the company employees. We check each site for this paperwork and if missing, will provide it to the company supervisor.
We have a wide variety of signs. Everything from basic exit signs to specialized hazard signs are available. If we do not have it or can not purchase it, we will make it especially for you. Interior signs as well as weather-proof exterior signs are easily accessible in both English and Spanish
OSHA requires each Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI) device be checked regularly. OSHA can fine every company for each outlet used which is found to be defective. We test the GFCI during inspection with documentation of dates, etc. We can train on the Assured Grounding Program and demonstrate how to test and color code electrical cords and power tools.
We can develop training specific to the hazards associated with the work performed by your company. Topics presented may include: Sexual Harassment, Smoking/Fire Safety, Weather Safety, PPE, GHS, Trenching/Excavation, Confined Space, Heavy Equipment, Work Zone, Flagger Control, Electrical Safety, Housekeeping, Ladder Safety, Back Safety, Fall Protection and many more.
To help each company meet their obligation under the Global Harmonized System, We demonstrate how to label containers with the appropriate label. The OSHA required labels are kept with each consultant and they will supply a label for each container needing one.
To help each company meet their obligation to document OSHA training, we provide quick-and-easy jobsite training. Toolbox Safety Training is easy to read and quick to deliver, allowing supervisors to adequately and effectively incorporate safety into their day-to-day operation without stopping production. Choose from a large library of over 1,000 meeting topics and issues are available in English or Spanish and Color or Black & White. Toolbox gives you safety regulations in minutes, OSHA compliance recordkeeping, and is written to meet OSHA standards.
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