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Hazardous Materials Compliance
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Protecting companies that handle, package, ship, receive,
or transport hazardous materials or hazardous waste

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If you're dealing with hazardous materials (Dangerous Goods), you need a comprehensive hazardous materials compliance program. If one employee makes just one mistake, your company could face a multitude of consequences. ESC can help you with assessments, training, policy development, advisory services and more. Training cost varies depending on the size of the class. ESC only employs professionally trainers with extensive HazMat experience. Students receive a certificate of completion and an official HazMat Training wallet card for the specific course they complete.

Call, Ken Cotton, our lead instructor with over 25 years of experience.

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On-Site Process Review (Assessment)

If you ship, receive, or transport hazardous materials, your company must be in compliance with the requirements of the hazardous materials regulations, provide employees with the proper, required training, and follow the guidelines when preparing shipments. How can you make sure you're doing everything right - before you get a knock on the door? Part of the solution for many hazmat shippers, receivers, and transporters, is scheduling an On-Site Process Review for Hazardous Materials Compliance.
    The process review will help you:
  • Evaluate your performance under the hazardous materials regulations
  • Pinpoint compliance issues
  • Establish action plans to correct deficiencies and improve overall compliance
  • Demonstrate your concern for safety compliance
    The primary components of the process review include:
  • We meet with your key personnel to identify and discuss policies, procedures, and other important information that should be considered as part of this process review.
  • We evaluate and collect information on the protocol and existing procedures for the receipt, procurement, handling, and shipping of hazardous material products.
  • During the process review, we review the hazardous materials processes that impact employee activities and product classification.
  • Upon completion, the findings will be discussed with your key personnel. In an advisory capacity, We review problems identified in your current processes and offer best practice solutions.
  • A brief summary report will be provided that will outline our findings and provide best practice solutions.

Training - 49CFR & multi-modal

Every hazmat employee as defined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations $171.8, and $172.700 not only requires training every three (3) years, but also must receive training whenever there is a regulatory change affecting a hazmat employee's job task.

This requirement mandates training to ensure that each employee: a) has familiarity with regulations, b) is able to recognize and identify hazardous materials, c) knows the specific regulations pertaining to a specific job function, and d) possesses knowledge of emergency response, self-protection, security, and accident prevention methods and procedures.
    Key Benefits:
  • Training is onsite at your location, on your schedule and we are always accessible when you need us.
  • Course content is tailored to your unique situation.
  • We are experienced in training adult learners. They apply real world insight to your operation.
  • Online training can be incorporated.
  • Completion certificates provided.
    Training is recommended for:
  • Plant Supervisors
  • Traffic Managers
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Drivers
  • Warehouse & Dock Supervisors
  • Dispatchers
  • Packing & Shipping Clerks
  • Distribution Employees
    Training topics include:
  • Ground & Air Transport
  • Ground Transportation Training for Shippers, Handlers & Transporters
  • Multi-Modal
  • Training the Trainer
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